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Every claim is different, but we have some

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case studies

Scale Construction

Thinly Spread R&D

A large international construction business attended an industry conference where we delivered a session on R&D tax relief. They had been told by a Big 4 firm that they did not have an R&D claim.  


The eligible R&D activities were thinly spread across their business, making it difficult to use traditional methods to capture costs and make a claim.  


We worked with the team to develop an approach that enabled them to quantify their claims and ensure that on-going claims would be rigorous and manageable.  The annual benefit secured was in excess of £700k and, now five years later, the business continues to make successful claims.

scale construction
thinly spread R&D

Cognitive Science

Uncertain Eligibility

A small company carried out research into customer behaviour for advertisers, studying how they make decisions about purchases and how effective certain adverts might be in gaining attention.


This appeared to be a "soft" field of technology (i.e. psychology) and so not within the scope of the R&D tax regimes. 


After discussions we were able to show that they were using objective measurements and software algorithms to uncover quantitative relationships between visual clues and subsequent behaviour: research in the field of cognitive science and psychophysiology, and therefore claimable.

cognitive science
uncertain eligibility

Broadcasting Technology

Doubling the claim

A small business developing products for the broadcasting industry prepared claims in-house for a number of years. We offered assistance and following a detailed review more than doubled the size of the claim.


The full extent of eligible activities had not been explored by their finance team but our understanding of the technology and how their work mapped to the definition of eligibility in the BIS Guidelines enabled us to extend their claim to work supporting the R&D efforts. As a result of the increase to the claim HMRC raised an enquiry but following correspondence and dialogue, HMRC concluded that the claim was valid.

broadcast tech
doubling the claim

Electronics and Software

Uncertain Regime

A small company developing software and hardware to manage power storage and deployment was advised by its accountant that its work was sub contracted from a larger firm and therefore was only eligible for relief under the large company scheme. 

Having investigated and reviewed their contractual arrangements in detail, we believed that rather than having work sub contracted to them the situation was such that they had simply sold a product in advance of developing it and, since they would not have been paid had they failed to deliver, held the economic risk for all their development costs. Having documented the position and consulted with a QC we approached HMRC for approval of our approach, and the company subsequently resubmitted its claim under the SME regime and received several hundred thousand pounds worth of additional benefit. 

electronics and software
uncertain regime



Andrew, Managing Director

Document management software

"ela8 have provided exceptional service and support on preparing our annual R&D claim.


Each year they have detailed discussions with our development team, prepare a report and liaise with our accountants.

This has resulted in an annual claim that has saved the company tens of thousands of pounds over the years.


I would have no hesitation in highly recommending the services of ela8."

Mark, Founder and CEO

Leading architectural practice


"We have worked with the ela8 team over the last 4 years.


They have collaborated with us to help maximise our potential from a commercial point of view and in the research and development fields we are interested in.


Encouraged by our engagement with ela8 Limited we have improved the way we track, view and undertake R&D and in turn this has increased our recovery of monies under the tax incentive schemes run by the Government."

John, CEO

Computer consultancy


"Our company has engaged ela8 since 2007. 


Their service has been intelligent; timely and successful each year and their write-ups of some of our projects are so good that we use them in our own marketing literature. 


I highly recommend their services and I am happy to be contacted by prospective customers."

Ian, Director

Major Global Electronics Firm

“ela8 have prepared our R&D Tax Credit claim since 2007, during this time they have established a deep understanding of our business which has helped in comprehensively analysing our R&D costs.


As we have transitioned to the large company RDEC scheme ela8 have advised us on the best mechanism for forecasting eligible costs and put in place a quarterly cost review, allowing us to maximise the benefit of the grant.


I would highly recommend ela8 for their knowledge of the regulations and the ongoing support they offer.”

Nick, Managing Director

Leading security software

"ela8 have advised us on R&D Tax Credits for the last 10 years. Each year we receive  excellent service.

They really understand our software development business and maximises the R&D claim while ensuring that the HMRC rules and guidelines are followed to the letter.

I have recommended ela8 to other software companies and I would have no hesitation in doing so again." 

Phil, CEO

Micro-electronics and engineering

“Efficient, reliable, engaged. We have used ela8 for the last 7 years to support our R&D claim preparation and fully endorse their service."