UK R&D Tax Relief Experts



If your company engages in innovation or technologically challenging work

to improve or develop a product, service or process you may be able to claim tax relief under the HMRC R&D Tax Relief Regimes. The benefit is currently up to 33.35% of qualifying expenditure for loss making SMEs (available as a cash credit) and 24.7% for tax paying SMEs.  For large companies the benefit is 8.9%, often payable as a cash credit. 



As you might expect, HMRC requirements are complex. As a rule of thumb, if you are working on anything that involves scientific or technological improvements, and are resolving technological uncertainty as you go, you may be eligible. Many organisations across a wide variety of industries don’t think of themselves as being engaged in R&D but are nonetheless conducting eligible activities, and could claim significant relief. 



In partnership with you, we prepare a report that explains your R&D activities for submission along with your corporation tax return. We pride ourselves on our strong relationships, and our senior personnel work closely with your experts. The benefit of claiming always outweighs the cost of our support, and we can work on a contingent fee basis meaning that the financial risk to you is zero.



ela8 was established in 2007 by Gareth Edwards, formerly a Director at Deloitte, an R&D tax specialist and entrepreneur.

ela8 offers bespoke R&D tax relief services, through a small, highly specialised team that includes qualified accountants, lawyers, and senior business experts.

ela8 has a seat on HMRC’s R&D Consultative Committee offering first-hand insights and input into HMRC’s policy in this arena.

ela8 has a portfolio of clients that includes companies of all shapes and sizes and across all industry sectors, supporting software, technology, pharmaceutical, engineering, construction, energy and telecoms.

ela8 has a superlative record in making claims. We enable you to focus on your business while we take care of your claim.

ela8 works with your in-house Tax, Finance and Technical experts and tailoring our offering precisely to your needs.

ela8 generally offers clients contingent fee (or ‘No win, No fee’) arrangements. We don’t get paid unless your claim is successful.